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Full cost control – one invoice for everything

  • check_circleBilling and reimbursement of expenses – faster and easier than ever before
  • check_circleWe bundle all services and pay in advance for you
  • check_circleSecure for German companies: All GoBD requirements are met
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Full cost control – one invoice for everything



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annual VAT reimbursement per customer

Accounting 2.0 – thanks to the single vendor principle

We bundle all services that have arisen during a business trip and invoice them to you as individual or collective invoices, as required.
We integrate Lanes & Planes into your existing ERP system via API all data is accurately synchronized.

You always receive invoices correctly and in the same format all services and individual items are shown in a tax-compliant manner, in detail and with the correct VAT.

We revolutionize your financial management!

Reduce the administrative workload in your accounting, say goodbye to manual work and use just one accounting software for your entire company.
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Uniform payment terms across all travel services and providers
More transparency & better control thanks to a fully digital process
Always invoice to the correct billing address
Lanes & Planes pays in advance for you
100% reliable allocation of invoiced and paid services
All GoBD requirements are met
Invoices are always issued in € currency
Invoices are pre-checked for VAT, tourist tax, etc.
Individually negotiated rates with suppliers remain possible
Choose between individual or collective invoices

Our best brand ambassadors

Your customer satisfaction is our success
By integrating the company's internal travel expense guidelines, applicable requirements are taken into account directly when booking. In addition, our project consultants no longer have to pay in advance and a large proportion of travel expense reports are no longer necessary, as they are settled directly via Lanes & Planes.”
Martha Goldhammer
Senior Controller - Trifinance GmbH
We now process all bookings for flights, Deutsche Bahn, rental cars and hotels via a single portal – with payment and correct invoicing running automatically in the background.”
Florian Kasper
Management Board Officer - notebooksbilliger.de

Fast, correct, digital: optimize your accounting with central ERP integration

Your data and documents are always compliant and digitally prepared for posting in your ERP system. This not only saves time, but also minimizes errors when checking invoices and receipts.

The creation of posting records, which are assigned to the corresponding G/L and vendor accounts, is fully automatic and takes the respective cost centers into account time-consuming manual entries are no longer necessary.

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With us, you get your VAT back on all expenses incurred abroad

Anyone who travels outside of Germany on business knows that VAT rates on invoices issued abroad often vary greatly, meaning reimbursement normally requires a high administrative effort.

As a Lanes & Planes customer, you can have your VAT incurred abroad refunded easily and automatically for all items from transportation and meals to overnight stays.

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Dominik Hug