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We are Lanes & Planes

Our digital innovations enable highly efficient business travel. The goal: respectful use of all resources. The solution: travel management as a service.
We are Lanes & Planes
Over 1,000 satisfied companies around the world already trust us

Vision & Mission

What sets us apart above all else? The pursuit of efficiency and a great respect for resources.

That’s why we are resolutely opposed to wasting the resources of our customers, our company and society.

With this vision, we set out in 2016 to build an all-in-one solution for the most efficient corporate travel on the market. We use technology to make every interaction around business travel as efficient as possible.

Today, our international customers can put together their individual business solution from more than 100 highly attractive features – customized and dynamically adaptable at any time.

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How we approach things

At Lanes & Planes, we stand up for each other. This gives us the strength to try new things. Our secret to success is completely open communication and maximum fun at work.
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L&P does not have the largest team, but we have the most powerful one
  • We raise the performance bar with every new hire and promotion
  • We recruit and develop employees with a focus on their strengths
  • We support talented individuals in their professional careers as well as in their personal development
At L&P we are united by a passion for curiosity
  • We are courageous and willing to leave our comfort zones in order to further develop ourselves and L&P as a company
  • We are open to new ideas and embrace change without losing sight of the big picture
  • We think outside the box and beyond borders to find unconventional solutions
  • We support decisions made and contribute to their successful implementation even if it was not our preferred path
At L&P we value & respect each other and celebrate great people & great work
  • We actively listen and support our team members in other departments to understand their needs  from intern to C-level
  • We always speak directly with our colleagues and not behind their backs
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We are convinced that it is important to enjoy our common journey and have fun with our work
At L&P we live “ownership”
  • We act according to what is best for L&P and not for the individual or a department
  • We never say “that’s not my job”
  • We solve problems instead of complaining and take responsibility for avoidable mistakes
  • We commit ourselves beyond our area of responsibility until a task is fully completed for everyone involved
At L&P we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes
  • Our most important driver is building and maintaining customer trust
  • We have a real passion for our product
  • We focus on solving the root causes of our clients’ problems rather than treating their symptoms
  • We always keep an eye on our existing and new customers
At L&P we enjoy solving problems
  • We accept problems as challenges this is how we develop day by day
  • We inspire each other with a “can-do” mentality and positive attitude
  • We create awareness of problems and communicate them transparently within the team
At L&P data determines our actions
  • We measure, change, measure, learn (and repeat)
  • We scrutinize our own and others’ opinions and statements based on data
  • We recognize the clear beauty of data
At L&P we view errors as an opportunity to learn
  • We see trial and error as an evolutionary process
  • We reflect on situations where mistakes have happened to help us learn and develop (measure, change, learn)
  • We are open to talking to each other about our mistakes and the lessons learned to avoid similar cases in the company in the future
  • We are grateful to be able to learn from others’ mistakes rather than criticizing them
At L&P we think 10X effective from tomorrow
  • We think in a 10X mindset in everything we do
  • We solve the cause of a problem instead of just fixing the fault
  • We create scalable processes from high touch, to low- or even no touch
  • We optimize and improve processes to enable high-quality growth
At L&P we value open, transparent communication
  • We give honest feedback and proactively ask for it to constantly develop ourselves
  • We listen carefully, speak openly and treat everyone with respect
  • We share the basis for our decisions with our colleagues
  • We are not afraid to address uncomfortable truths

The founding story

After Veit Blumschein completed his studies in business administration and business informatics in Bamberg, he went to RWTH Aachen University to do his doctorate. It was here that he met Daniel Nolte, who was studying computer science in Aachen. Together they founded From A to B in 2008, a multimodal search engine for travel in Germany and Europe, which was later taken over by the Tank & Rast Group.

In 2016, the two founders started a new joint project, Lanes & Planes, back then under the somewhat unwieldy name TripClickPro.

The most successful business ideas often spring from personal experience. In Veit’s case, he had to commute professionally for two years between Aachen, Berlin and Munich, which meant constantly organizing a huge amount of travel connections. The total digital immaturity of the processes back then were deeply unsatisfactory and sparked his professional interest. Based on their more than 10 years of travel tech expertise, he and Daniel finally developed a solution that mapped all processes before, during and after a business trip.

Today, we are proud of our prominent market position in the DACH region and more than 240 employees. In February 2020, we secured a $10 million Series A funding round led by Battery Ventures, DN Capital & Connect Ventures. The coronavirus years were used to implement structural changes and digitalize even more business processes. This was followed in 2023 by a further $35 million in Series B financing led by Smash Capital.

Our storyline

From initial idea to hundreds of satisfied customers: a timeline of our history
Fall 2023
Series B financing round of $35 million with Smash Capital, Battery Ventures and Coparion
Spring 2023
Booking volume quintupled (5x YoY) from Spring 2022
Winter 2022
More than 1,000 companies use Lanes & Planes
Summer 2022
Bookings increase by 50% from pre-Covid levels

Meet the team

What makes working at Lanes & Planes special for you?
At Lanes & Planes, efficiency is part of our DNA. Together with our customers, we are shaping the digital future of efficient business travel management.”
Veit Blumschein
CEO and Co-Founder
With advanced technology and our passion for digital innovation, we at Lanes & Planes have developed a solution that is revolutionizing the organization of business travel.”
Daniel Nolte
CTO and Co-Founder
Pulling together with a wide variety of people inspires me. Respectful cooperation and a good work-life balance makes the working environment at Lanes & Planes so attractive.”
Mona Gebhart
Head of Customer Success

We take Climate Action

We work closely with the experts at LFCA to drive forward the improvement of our climate as part of the digital industry: green electricity, CO2 compensation options for our customers, a green business-travel policy and offsetting our emissions we care about our planet!

"As a father, I am committed to more sustainable travel, which is why I helped launch the partnership with ClimatePartner. This also gives our customers the opportunity to make more climate-friendly decisions."

Falco Blumschein
Falco Blumschein
Vice President Finance

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