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Back again? Most of it is as good as done

The business meeting went extremely well and the atmosphere is excellent. If it weren't for the strenuous tasks that have to be completed after every trip. With our solution, you will never again have to submit paper receipts, fill out accounting forms or make reclaims. Enjoy the good things about your business and leave the rest to us.
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Back again? Most of it is as good as done

250.000 +

receipts submitted

80 %

save effort through process digitization

3.700 €

annual VAT refund per customer

Management and billing: efficient because it's digital

By integrating our solution into your ERP or HR system, you can take your business travel processes to the next level. Our experienced German-speaking experts support you from setup to onboarding.
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System integration

  • By connecting your HR or ERP system to Lanes & Planes, all travel-related costs are synchronized directly in your accounting software. Costs that can be passed on are also invoiced quickly.
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Travel expense management

  • With company-wide insight into all processes, billing and reimbursements are child's play. Cost centers, projects and approvals can be assigned and issued on a personalized basis.
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100% compliant

  • The protection of your data has the highest priority. All our servers are located in Germany and communication is always SSL/TLS encrypted. Use single sign-on and trust our regular GDPR audits.
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Electronic refunding

  • We automatically get your money back: be it via foreign VAT refunds, compensation for cancellations and delays by Deutsche Bahn or after canceled trips.
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We simplify time-consuming to-dos

Single creditor principleremove

Whether flight, hotel, train or rental car - with Lanes & Planes there is only one vendor with whom all travel services booked via our solution are billed and paid.

Own accounting interfaceadd

A specific accounting view including filter functions is available for the consolidation of all accounting documents and expenses.

Cost center managementadd

You can individually assign one or more cost centers and cost units to your users. You can also specify whether the entry of a cost center or a cost unit is mandatory.

Customizable release processesadd

Assign individual approval processes in your company account. This allows your users to view the approval status of each individual trip and all receipts.

Additional meal expensesadd

The additional expenses for meals can be created easily. This means that a complete trip - even to several countries - can be automatically calculated, edited and submitted.

Personal onboardingadd

On request, we can carry out a specific accounting onboarding and guide you step-by-step through your Lanes & Planes company account via web training.

Our best brand ambassadors

Your customer satisfaction is our success
Toni Stork
With the browser-based solution and thanks to the professional onboarding at Lanes & Planes, the complete changeover took just a few hours - no lengthy implementations or complicated software installations.”

Your advantages as an accountant

Keep track of all your travel expenses. Our solution automatically records all costs for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. in one system. You receive bundled invoices, can check and manage submitted receipts clearly on a single interface, configure your company guidelines individually and much more.
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Frequently asked questions

Is there something that you are really interested in? Here we have some initial answers.
For which companies is Lanes & Planes suitable?
Lanes & Planes is suitable for all companies where business trips take place regularly. Our solution is typically suitable for an annual travel volume of €30,000 or more, so that cost-saving potential can be fully realized and the integration of an all-in-one solution such as Lanes & Planes is worthwhile.
Does Lanes & Planes provide a breakdown of all my company's business travel expenses?
Yes, Lanes & Planes offers the option of a breakdown by cost center and cost unit. In addition, there are bookable functions that enable a “cost unit split”.
I already have an expense management provider. Can I integrate it with Lanes & Planes?
Lanes & Planes is an all-in-one solution that maps the entire business travel process in one digital solution. To optimize the efficiency of business travel together with our customers, our platform offers integrated expense management instead of integration with third-party solutions.
Can documents be subjected to an accounting audit in addition to the technical audit?
Thanks to the “Accounting check” function, expense and disbursement receipts can be checked and, if necessary, corrected via a separate interface. If desired, the review of the documents can be divided into a technical (e.g. accounting) and a factual review (e.g. supervisor).
How are foreign currencies converted into euros?
If receipts in foreign currency are submitted with an expense report, they will be converted into euros at the current exchange rate. The current daily exchange rate is obtained from: https://openexchangerates.org/

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