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Manage roles, rights and travel policies

  • check_circleStore your company specifications - 100% compliant
  • check_circleConnect your HR system with Lanes & Planes
  • check_circleCustomize approvals and workflows individually
  • check_circleGain full transparency across all travel processes
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Manage roles, rights and travel policies





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Individual user management, deployable company-wide

Adapt your processes and workflows to the structure of your company: Our system makes it possible to assign roles to individual users and groups according to your organizational structure.

  • Ensure regular data synchronization thanks to HR integration
  • Use a central source for managing travel-related master data
  • Assign roles, booking groups and cost centers to colleagues
  • Get admin access to all travel bookings, company-wide

Empowerment without risk – free booking with fixed limits

Give your employees the freedom to make bookings exactly as they wish within the framework of defined travel guidelines and budget specifications. This allows you to stay in control without micromanagement.

  • For example, fix travel services such as 1st or 2nd class. Or define budgets depending on the role and rights of the users
  • If guidelines can’t be adhered to (e.g. during a trade fair), simply define clear rules for exceeding them
  • Users receive explanatory notifications directly in the system and can adjust their bookings accordingly

Smart approval processes – digital and user-friendly

Free yourself from tedious manual approval processes. This not only reduces the workload for your travel managers, but also for travelers.

  • By shortening approval loops, you avoid long waiting times and missed booking opportunities
  • Search results are saved automatically no more debates over whether there was a cheaper option at the time of booking
  • Whether upstream business trip requests or downstream management approvals, whatever was possible in analog form now works even better digitally. Everything is documented in the system so there is no need to save e-mails or screenshots
  • Good to know: automated approval also works for expenses, disbursements and receipts outside of business trips

Our best brand ambassadors

Your customer satisfaction is our success
Lanes & Planes is a simple and straightforward way to reach our destination - even for our locations in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. One solution instead of many individual websites and contacts: this also corresponds to our approach and simplifies our booking process enormously.”
Silke Upgang & Kirsten Verwohlt
Accounting & Administration - Laudert
With over 50 employees traveling regularly, we were not only able to significantly reduce the administrative workload in accounting within 6 weeks of implementing Lanes & Planes, but also cut direct travel costs by over 20%.”
Manfred Tropper
CEO - mantro GmbH

Your benefits as a Travel Manager

Say goodbye to manual processes and optimize your travel organization. Automated travel policies save you time, money and effort. This frees you up to implement strategic measures and offer your company real added value.
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Frequently asked questions

Is there something that you are really interested in? We have some initial answers here.
How does the Lanes & Planes platform ensure compliance with my company's travel policy?
Travel policies can be easily imported into the Lanes & Planes solution both during onboarding and afterwards. You decide whether exceptions can never be booked, or only on traveler request or with prior approval. This so-called ‘upstream business trip application’ is available as a bookable additional module.
How flexible can my travel policy be? Can I set different rules for different trips?
The travel policy can be designed flexibly and according to your preferences with Lanes & Planes. It is also possible to define separate rules for each employee category and travel category.
Does Lanes & Planes offer bookings for groups?
In addition to individual bookings, Lanes & Planes also offers group bookings for 6 or more people. Please note, however, that additional service fees apply per requested traveler for requested group tours.
Can I also use Lanes & Planes and the special rates for private trips?
In theory, you can offer your employees the option of booking their vacations via Lanes & Planes. Invoicing and payment to Lanes & Planes is carried out in the same way as for business trips. To do this, you would have to create a “private” cost center, which your employees then select when booking a vacation. The employee is then invoiced internally by you.
Can I book different means of transportation and fares for the outward and return journey (e.g. flight and train)?
Lanes & Planes offers you the flexibility to combine different service providers, for example, booking a flight on the outward journey and a train journey on the return leg. In addition, several fares can be combined within a train journey or a flight.
Can documents be subjected to an accounting audit in addition to the technical audit?
Thanks to the “accounting check” function, expense and disbursement receipts can be checked and, if necessary, corrected via a separate interface. If desired, the review of the documents can be divided into a technical (e.g. accounting) and a factual review (e.g. supervisor).
How are foreign currencies converted into euros?
If receipts in foreign currency are submitted with an expense report, they will be converted into euros at the current exchange rate. The current daily exchange rate is obtained from: https://openexchangerates.org/
Can I continue to use bonus programs for companies?
Yes, in the company account you have the option of entering bonus programs from providers, such as an airline, in order to receive your company-specific conditions and rates when booking.

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