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About us

About Lanes & Planes

Lanes & Planes is the first travel and expense management solution that is fully digital for all aspects of business travel - from booking to billing and beyond. A business travel platform that helps our clients to save time, money and nerves.
About Lanes & Planes

Our journey

Our Vision

“A world where corporate travel is respectful of all resources.”

Our Mission

“We use digital innovation to make every interaction around business travel more efficient.”

Our Values

L&P may not have the biggest team, but we do have the best performing team
  • we raise L&P’s high performance bar with each new hire and promotion
  • we develop and engage staff with a focus on their strengths
  • we help talent grow further by focusing not only on vertical, but also on lateral development
At L&P we always put ourselves into our customers’ position
  • our key driver is to earn and retain our customers’ trust
  • we have a real passion for L&P products
  • we focus on fixing our customers’ actual pain points rather than their perception of a solution
  • we always keep our existing and new customers in mind
At L&P we value & respect each other, celebrating great people & great work
  • we actively listen and support our team members in other departments to understand their needs – from intern to C-level
  • we give candid feedback to help others grow and we consider receiving feedback a token of respect
  • we always speak directly to our colleagues and not behind their backs
  • we treat others the same way we would like to be treated
  • we believe that it is important to enjoy our journey together and to have fun in what we do 
At L&P we take actions based on data
  • we measure, build, measure, learn (and repeat)
  • we challenge ourselves and what others say based on data 
  • we embrace the cruel beauty of data
At L&P we think 10X – effective by tomorrow
  • we think with a 10x mindset in everything we touch
  • we solve the root of a problem rather than just fixing the problem
  • we create scalable processes – from high touch to low or even no touch
  • we optimize and fix processes that will deliver our growth on high quality standards
At L&P we share passion for curiosity
  • we are courageous and leave our personal comfort zones to evolve and shape L&P as a company
  • we are open to new ideas and embrace change, always taking the bigger picture into consideration 
  • we think outside the box and beyond boundaries to find unconventional solutions
  • we fully commit once a decision has been made and contribute to its implementation – even when it may not be our preferred way
At L&P we take ownership
  • we always go with what is best for L&P rather than for the individual or one department
  • we would never say “that’s not my job” 
  • we fix things rather than complain and we take responsibility for avoidable mistakes
  • we contribute beyond our responsibility and commit until the job is completely done for all stakeholders
At L&P we enjoy fixing problems
  • we regard problems as challenges – so we evolve day by day
  • we inspire our colleagues with our “can do” mentality and a positive attitude
  • we create awareness of problems and communicate them transparently in the team
At L&P we embrace errors as an opportunity to learn
  • we embrace trial and error as an evolutionary process 
  • we reflect on situations where errors have occurred in order to effectively learn and evolve (measure, build, learn)
  • we are open to talking with others about our errors and what we have learned from them, in order to avoid similar instances for the whole organization in the future
  • we are grateful to learn from other peoples’ errors rather than engaging in finger pointing
At L&P we value open and transparent communication
  • we give honest feedback and proactively ask for it as well, in order for us to continue to grow 
  • we listen attentively, speak candidly and treat everyone with respect
  • we share our basis for decision making with our colleagues
  • we also do not shy away from sharing inconvenient truths

Our Office

location_on Lanes & Planes GmbH, Kap West – Friedenheimer Brücke 16, 80639 Munich, Germany
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VDR Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement

We shape the future of business travel management!

Since 2021, CEO & Co-Founder Veit Blumschein joins the German business travel association (VDR) as an expert and lecturer. In his workshops and seminars at the academy, he supports business professionals in shaping the future of the business travel management industry.

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By Leaders for Climate Action

We take climate action!

As a digital industry, it’s important to us to help contribute against the fight for climate change by working closely and collaboratively with LFCA experts. From utilising green energy, providing CO2 offset solutions for our customers and a green business travel policy to a total offset of our own emissions – we take climate action seriously!

Our support team is certified with ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Süd (Quality Management)

Quality assurance is a solid building block of our company culture. To ensure the success of our quality claim, we are continuously monitoring our the qulity of our processes and outcomes.
About us
The all-inclusive business travel portal

Our history

Lanes & Planes was founded in 2017 by Veit Blumschein and Daniel Nolte, who first crossed paths during their academic pursuits at RWTH Aachen University. Veit, with a background in Business Administration & Business Informatics, and Daniel, studying Computer Science, joined forces in 2008 to establish a B2C company fromAtoB, which later got acquired by Tank & Rast.

The idea for Lanes & Planes stemmed from Veit’s personal experience of commuting between Aachen, Berlin, and Munich, where the inefficiencies of travel organization inspired them to develop a solution that could comprehensively map out all processes of a business trip.

Since its inception, Lanes & Planes has experienced remarkable growth, boosted by a $10 million Series A funding round in February 2020 and a recent Series B investment of $35 million led by Smash Capital, along with existing investors Battery Ventures, coparion, DN Capital, and All Iron.

The Munich-based company has revolutionized corporate travel management with its comprehensive solution, consolidating services, bookings, invoices, and expense reports into a single tool. Leveraging their combined expertise and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Veit and Daniel digitized the company’s processes, reinforcing its position in the market.

With over 1,000 clients, Lanes & Planes aims to be the European and global leader in travel management by 2027, redefining the travel experience as an end-to-end solution for all industries.

Veit Blumschein

CEO & Co-Founder
Together with co-founder Daniel Nolte, Veit is pursuing the goal of fully digitally mapping all areas of business travel as well as all types of expenses and out-of-pocket costs, establishing them as an integrated end-to-end solution in the SME sector. Veit attained his doctorate in Business Administration from RWTH Aachen University with a focus on entrepreneurship. He is as an expert and lecturer for the German business travel association (VDR).

Daniel Nolte

CTO & Co-Founder
Responsible for the entire development department, Daniel studied Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University, where he met Veit Blumschein. At Lanes & Planes, Daniel is the technical director (CTO) responsible for software development and, together with Veit, for further product development within the start-up.
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