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Petra Mittermaier from Plininger & Partner

The tax firm Plininger & Partner supports our client Instamotion with its accounting. With Lanes & Planes, the accounting processes between Plininger & Partner and Instamotion work in the blink of an eye.

Instamotion and Plininger & Partner

InstaMotion Retail GmbH is an electronic platform for the B2C car trade. Plininger & Partner is a business and tax law firm.

The tax law firm Plininger & Partner supports our Lanes & Planes client Instamotion. With 2 branch offices in Bavaria, the firm advises clients both in German-speaking Europe and internationally, and its 30 employees serve a large client base. The use of our Lanes & Planes solution has simplified the day-to-day billing of Instamotion for Plininger & Partner in many areas.

Petra Mittermaier has been a partner at Plininger & Partner since 2016 and has been advising clients on international tax law issues for many years. This is also demonstrated by her growing network of advisors and authorities in other countries. Petra Mittermaier has a particular passion for digitalization and innovation: she advises young companies in the areas of technology, sustainability and new energy. In our interview, Petra Mittermaier reports on the advantages for her law firm of using Lanes & Planes with Instamotion.

Seamless connection – simple further processing of customer data

As a tax firm, Plininger & Partner is dependent on the disclosure of data by its clients. In this context, Petra Mittermaier particularly praises the simple processing of Instamotion customer data.

As a full-service provider, Lanes & Planes offers its customers complete ERP integration as an add-on: To use this integration, customers provide Lanes & Planes with the required data (G/L accounts, accounts payable, etc.). The CSV file is then programmed for each customer with their customer-specific data. This CSV file with account assignment can then be easily processed in DATEV (e.g. using Beleg2Buchung).

By using the ERP solution through Instamotion, the tax firm Plininger & Partner can import and process data at any time with the help of the DATEV export. The law firm also uses Beleg2Buchung. This enables you to easily match the posting records with document screens.

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Direct access – no unnecessary waiting for customer data

In addition, Lanes & Planes offers the option of separate access for the client’s tax office. This means that your tax advisor can download the receipts in a bundle and in digital form at any time.

The accounting overview with filter, comment and export functions simplifies collaboration between the client and the tax firm. In addition, the overview of pending invoices (hotels, rental cars) at Lanes & Planes offers maximum transparency at all times.

In summary, the tax firm Plininger & Partner is very satisfied with the use of Lanes & Planes by its client Instamotion. You could also imagine advising other clients with the solution in the future.

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Sonja Frohnhöfer
Sonja Frohnhöfer