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The all-inclusive business travel platform

Your digital trip companion

Book your entire trip with only a few clicks. Deposit all payment details, bahncards, bonuscards and miles & more once.

Your itinerary at a glance
Your digital itinerary - always at hand
Due to permanent synchronization between desktop and mobile app your itinerary always stays up to date (including available changes). Check every step of your trip - in one app.
Your data - always available
All tickets in one app
Find an overview of all your tickets and bookings in our app and export your trip data with just one click into your calendar. The entire app is also available offline, so that your data is accessible no matter where you are.
All receipts – quickly stored
Travel voucherless with unique photo-app feature
Scan your receipts simply by using your smartphone camera, deposit your expenses and transfer everything directly to accounting. All your expenses at a glance.
Search & Book
Search and book trips directly from the app
Of course all data of your personal user profile (like BahnCard or individual Travel Guidelines) will be considered. All you have to do is choose a departure, an arrival and a travel date – directly from your app.
There's many reasons for better business travels

More advantages and features of Lanes & Planes

One platform for all business travels
Book flights, trains or Flixbus and add your stay in one of more than 900.000 hotels, including assumption of costs. No change of platform and central billing & payment by one supplier only.
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One account for all bookings
Set up employee profiles, train passes, loyalty and frequent flyer cards. Manage all bookings, invoices, subcompanies and cost centres in one place and deposit negotiated hotel- and flightrates.
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Concierge Service
Just one click within the app gets you in touch with the concierge service – expert staff is aiming to solve your requests as quickly as possible.
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