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*Calculations based on data of the independent VDR-Business Travel analysis 2017 Ø trips per employee per month: 1,85 - Ø direct costs 280€ & indirect 30€ per trip
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One platform for all business travels
Book flights, trains or busses and add your stay in one of more than 900.000 hotels with exclusive hotel availabilities. No change of platform, no stress
One account for all bookings
Set up member profiles, deposit payment methods, train passes, loyalty and frequent flyer cards. Find all data, bookings and invoices in one place
Your digital trip companion
At home or on the go – just use the Lanes & Planes app. Search, book or digitize invoices – simply on the smartphone
Receipt management
Profit from audit proof filing – simply add and manage your receipts and invoices via app or website
Authorization management
Define distinct, individual travel policies for your employees and profit from digital authorization processes
Statistics and Analysis
Get access to all prior business trips and related details. Analyze your trips for means of transportation, employee expenses or split your expenses into different cost centers
Concierge Service
Just one click within the app gets you in touch with the concierge service – expert staff is aiming to solve your requests as quickly as possible.
SMEs gain a quantifiable & significant savings potential off of their 2nd biggest cost bucket: Travel

Saves up to 30% travel & indirect spendings

10-15 %
Inventory & Transparency
Benefit from the largest inventory of the B2B travel industry in Europe. Lanes & Planes scans offers of hundreds of providers & direct connect APIs and combines them into one closed travel chain, resulting in significant savings.
8-10 %
Indirect Costs
SMEs spend another 10-12% on top of their travel spent, just processing it. Stop wasting valuable time for tedious administrative tasks. A seamless integration of digitized processes helps you save direct and indirect costs.
5-10 %
Receiving full transparency through all your travel management processes guarantees you potential for optimization and enables internal saving measures.
3-4 %
VAT refund
When traveling abroad (EU & non-EU countries), you can reclaim VAT on all bookings and expenses made through Lanes & Planes. The tax return claim can also be filed retroactively.
10-15  %
8-10  %
Indirect Costs
5-10  %
3-4  %
VAT refund
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If you should have questions about your user profile or your bookings, our support center is happy to help. There you can find helpful tipps regarding your trip and a detailed FAQ section.

Tipp: Also use the search bar in the support center area for your requests. Read more…


You don’t have to Check-In yourself! Lanes & Planes automatically checks you into all of your flights and sends the boarding passes via email to your mailbox. All tickets are also available in your Lanes & Planes mobile app. Read more…




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With Lanes & Planes, you’re able to book hotels, flights, trains and busses. If you pick those independently or if you decide to get from A to B the easy way is your choice alone.

We offer more than 7 million hotels from over 17 wholesale dealers, HRS and Expedia with exclusive hotel availabilities.


In our video guide you’ll see the different steps of a Lanes & Planes booking as a sequence of short videos – quick and easy. Check out the different Lanes & Planes features to watch the videos!


When you’re looking for a trip and your “start search” field is grey, it’s because you haven’t picked a starting point or destination out of the list. Read more…




Your company has different subsidiary companies or you you’ve got more than one sales tax identification number – if that’s the case you want all trips to be designated to the right invoice address. With so called Invoice Profiles it’s possible to assign different invoice addresses to your employees. Read more…



With so called speedy boarding you’ll be one of the first to enter the plane. Speedy boarding with Easyjet is only possible in combination with a seat reservation in the first rows (fees will apply). Read more…

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